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At 09:33 AM 04-02-97 -0700, JOSEPH E. LAFERRIERE wrote:

> I repeat my statement that the section of the ICBN
>dealing with  effective publication  should be  rewritten  to
>spell out  unequivocally where  a new  name can be published,
>rather than  listing places  it cannot  be  published.  If  a
>registry committee  is to be entrusted with the power to make
>those kinds of decisions, it must have clear criteria.

Fair enough.  I wonder, though, if changing the word "newspapers" in Art.
30.3 to "periodicals" might  be adequate to cover the sort of cases Joe
attempted to highlight with his "gag" (his word).   (Although perhaps a
start date later than 1 Jan 1953 would then be required).

> More recently,  I floated  proposals on Taxacom concerning
>thesis publication

It does seem that clarification is required here.   Of particular concern
are thesis PRINTED and DISTRIBUTED from microfilmed copies of the original
typescript.  This seems fundamentally different from the "issue of
microfilm" prohibited in 29.1.   It is indeed difficult to defend my
citation of the place of publication of Clermontia grandiflora subsp. maxima
Lammers as Syst. Bot. Monogr. 32: 77. 1991, instead of Syst. & Evol. Endemic
Haw. Genus Clermontia 255. 1998.  University Microfilms International in Ann
Arbor, Michigan, will distribute to the general public printed matter
representing the latter on demand, for payment of a nominal fee.

Perhaps we need to indicate that printed matter must be issued at a single
definable point in time, rather than on demand.  That *does* seem to be the
difference between the two citations above.  Essentially, this might mean
raising Rec. 30A to a Rule.  Possibly the addition of some minimum number to
be distributed, say 100 copies, would help, though establishing print runs
might be difficult.

Whatever changes are proposed, it will be important to decide whether the
new rules are retroactive, attempting to correct past usage  (i.e., is
something that was regarded as effectively published before suddenly going
to lose that status?), or just to be enforced from here on out (i.e., a 2001
starting date).

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