Gesneriad Reference Web

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This was in the Scout Report and may be of interest.

Gesneriad Reference Web

Fifty-four new high-resolution images have just been added to Ronald Myhr's
site devoted to gesneriads, a large family of tropical herbs and shrubs,
including gloxinias and African violets. Almost 300 color images are
available, accessible either alphabetically by Latin name, or as thumbnail
photos under the corresponding genus pages (listed in the section labeled
Gesneriad Genera). In addition to images, each genus page contains a brief
description. A short general article on the botany of gesneriads by Dr. B.
Moxley is reprinted here (Gesneriad Botany) from _Flowering Plants of the
World_ (Oxford University Press, 1993). Read through the Site Notes section
for tips on monitor settings to get the best color and resolution results.
Mr. Myhr is the founder of the Toronto Gesneriad Society.

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