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At 06:56 AM 04-04-97 -0700, JOSEPH E. LAFERRIERE wrote:

>I have  a question  concerning interpretation of the ICBN. It
>states  that  if  an  author  states  that  a  name  is  only
>provisionally accepted, it is not validly published. Consider
>then the following scenario:
>In 1850,  Chavez publishes  the name  Planta hypothetica.  He
>includes a  description, but  states that  the name  is  only
>provisionally accepted.  In 1860,  Sanchez uses Chavez's name
>with a  longer description,  crediting it  to Chavez. Sanchez
>accepts the name with no mention of provisionality. Does this
>then validate the name? Should the citation be
>A) Planta hypothetica Chavez 1850
>B) Planta hypothetica Chavez ex Sanchez 1860
>C) Planta hypothetica Sanchez 1860
>D) None of the above, as the name remains invalid.

I vote for B.


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