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Dear All,

I checked the CAB ABSTRACTS database and got 10 'hits' for jicama:
6 for Pachyrhizus erosus
2 for Pachyrhizus tuberosus
2 for Polymnia sonchifolia

Looks like I have made the situation worse! Now you have 3 species to think
about. Sorry.

a.doroszenko at cabi.org
Here are the references:

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From: owner-taxacom
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Subject: jicama
Date: 10 April 1997 10:47

Dear taxacom colleagues,
Does anyone know the proper scientific name of jicama.  I know it is in
the genus Pachyrhizus (Leguminosae), but am not sure which of the two
generally used tuberous species, P. erosus and P. tuberosus, is jicama.
I have found one seed catalog that equates jicama with P. tuberosus; most
other sources do not include jicama as a name for any Pachyrhizus
species - yam bean or potato bean, but no jicama.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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