Index collector and Stafleu

Margaret L. Baker cmbaker at TELEPORT.COM
Tue Apr 15 10:28:57 CDT 1997

At  3:03 PM 4/15/97 +0200, H.M. BURDET wrote:
>Dear Soren (sorry for the incapacity of my machine to spell your name
>I am not aware of any possibility to surf on the net to find Stafleu's

There is a database at the Harvard Herbarium site that might be helpful.


Their databases include:

Gray Herbarium Index of New World Plants
Harvard University Herbaria Type Specimen Database
Treebase, A database of phylogenetic knowledge
The Farlow Diatom Collection
Botanical Collectors database
Botanical Authors database
Botanical Publications database
Endangered Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts)
Systematic Studies in Discomycetes: Pezizales

Hope this helps. Margaret Baker

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