Dandy Dime

Tim Lowrey tlowrey at UNM.EDU
Tue Apr 1 10:47:59 CST 1997

I don't generally have time nor the inclination to respond to Taxacom
discussions  because of research, teaching, and administrative
committments.  However, when someone has the arrogance to purposely and
unnecessarily attempt to produce nomenclatural baggage that present and
future botanists have to deal with  because they want to make a point, it
is time to weigh in.  First of all, there is an acceptable mechanism to
initiate changes in the code. Make a formal proposal to the Committee on
Nomenclature in Taxon. Second, instead of initiating guerilla warfare on
the Code and constantly cluttering up TAXACOM, try doing something useful
and constructive like collecting/curating organisms for collections and/or
doing some taxonomic research in the herbarium or laboratory. You do
obviously have too much time on your hands.  I'm afraid the Web makes it
too easy for some people.

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