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On 10 Apr 97 at 10:47, Richard Jensen wrote:

> Dear taxacom colleagues,
> Does anyone know the proper scientific name of jicama.  I know it is in
> the genus Pachyrhizus (Leguminosae), but am not sure which of the two
> generally used tuberous species, P. erosus and P. tuberosus, is jicama.
> I have found one seed catalog that equates jicama with P. tuberosus; most
> other sources do not include jicama as a name for any Pachyrhizus
> species - yam bean or potato bean, but no jicama.

In addition to the previous responses we can add a few more taxa to the ever
growing list of species called 'jicama'.  Just goes to show the problems of
vernacular names.

References from the Economic Botany Bibliographic Database, Centre for Economic
Botany, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 11 April 1997

Arracacia_xanthorrhiza  Umbelliferae jicama

    Castillo_RO, 1990.  Andean crops in Ecuador: collecting, conservation and
    characterization.  Pl. Genet Resource Newsl. no. 77: 35-36 (1989 publ.

Pachyrhizus_ahipa ahipa ajipa jicama yam_ bean

    Ugent_D, Peterson_LW, 1988.  Archaeological remains of potato and sweet
    potato in Peru.  CIP Circ. 16(3): 1-10 (1988)

Dalembertia_populifolia Euphorbiaceae

    Schroeder_CA, 1967.  The Jicama, A root-crop from Mexico. Amer. Soc. Hort.
    Sci. Caribbean Reg. Prog. 11 1967 p. 65-71 Per Bibl. Agr. 33(9) 1969 Abs
    no. 61130.

Does this help, or just add to the confusion :-)

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