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Konstantin Savov kps at FLORIN.MSK.SU
Tue Apr 15 21:38:55 CDT 1997

Free personal version of FLORIN Information System is available. You
may download it from FLORIN Web Pages ( or
via anonymous ftp (

FLORIN is an information system designed to deal with a wide range of
data about plants: taxonomy and nomenclature, geographic distribution
(incl. distribution maps generated automatically), herbarium and
living collections, detailed information about plants collected in the
wild, bibliographic data, multimedia, etc.

Free version includes FLORIN Taxonomy (supports nomenclature of
families, genera, species, infraspecies, synonymsa, etc.), Geography
and Herbarium (specimens, duplicates, numerous determinations,
printing of specimen and determination labels, etc.).

Any feedback is appreciated.


Konstantin Savov
FLORIN Project Leader

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