richard a fagerlund fagerlun at UNM.EDU
Thu Apr 17 12:21:07 CDT 1997

I am looking for assistance from an acarologist.  Recently we collected
from some pitfall samples in southern New Mexico a very odd looking mite.
It had extremely long legs, almost phalangid looking.   So far we have
but a single specimen and have been unable to find it in any of the more
general acarology books.  Several years ago an acarologist visited here
and was looking for a mite that fits this description.  Unfortunately we
don't have his name anymore or the name of the mite he was looking for.

Are there any mite specialists out there that may have an idea what
family this specimen could belong to.  It was collected in Dona Ana Co.
in tarbush association.

Thanks in advance.

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