exchange from HUMO herbarium

Mon Apr 28 09:04:54 CDT 1997

   Last Thursday I arrived in Cuernavaca, Mexico, to assume
my new position as director of the HUMO herbarium. What I found
was a herbarium in disarray, having been neglected for several
years. I have already set out to remedy this situation ipso pronto.
    One aspect of the herbarium which had been neglected is
exchange programs.  When I suggested such programs last month,
my idea was that I could make new collections myself and
send these out as exchange. I did not know that the previous
administration of the herbarium had been accumulating
exchange material for quite some time. We have an estimated 1000
specimens ready for immediate exchange, plus another 3000
ready as soon as we can print labels. Virtually all are from
the Mexican State of Morelos, south of Mexico City.
   I am open to suggestions for deposition of the specimens.
If your herbarium is interested in general exchange, please
let me know how many specimens you want and what you can offer
in return. If you are interested in a particular family or genus,
please let me know which taxa you want and I shall see whether we
have these. I am interested in receiving practically
anything in return, from any part of the world. My long-range
goal is to turn HUMO into a first-class herbarium of use
to researchers from all over.

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere, Herbario, CEAMISH, Universidad
Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico  -- OR --
c/o Mary Laferriere, 18 Maple Ave #3, Centerdale RI 02911 USA

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