TRED and Research Collections Surveys

Elaine Hoagland elaine at ASCOLL.ORG
Mon Apr 28 14:30:51 CDT 1997

The Association of Systematics Collections and the Biological Resources
Division of the USGS, in collaboration with several other US federal
agencies, are preparing to release our databases on human resources in
taxonomy (known by the acronym TRED) and on Research Collections.  Both
will be available over the Internet shortly.  If you have not yet provided
information to these databases, your talents and the resources of your
institution will not be available to many potential users of taxonomic
services.  We urge you to participate in these databases.

Information concerning the databases, including survey forms that you can
download or fill out on the web, can be found at ASC's web site:

The next step in our project is to link to other taxonomic expertise
databases and to investigate the possibility of forming distributed
databases.  If you are the developer of a database of taxonomic expertise,
email back to me off-list and we can talk about the possibilities.

The TRED and Research Collections databases ask questions about databases
in taxonomy and collections; it is important that the US federal agencies
have this information.  Let us help you publicize and share your
accomplishments in these areas.

Elaine Hoagland
Executive Director
Association of Systematics Collections
elaine at

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