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----------------FIRST ANOUNCEMENT----------------


VIIth International Symposium

August 10 - 15, 1998

University of Amsterdam; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Konrad Bachmann, Amsterdam and Gatersleben
Hans den Nijs, Amsterdam
Leo van Raamsdonk, Wageningen
Ruud van der Meijden, Leiden
Jody dos Santos, Amsterdam

The symposium will start in the morning of Tuesday, August 11,1998 and will
close in the afternoon of Saturday, August 15, 1998.
Registration will be from Monday afternoon, August 10.
Thursday, 14 August will be a full day of excursions to symposium-related
sites in the Netherlands.

The sympsoium will comprise five non-concurrent topics in seven half-day
sessions (invited and contributed papers), and posters including a
specially scheduled poster session.

1.      Evolution in disturbed habitats
2.      Evolution of man made plants:
        A       Mapping of special traits
        B       Domestication: simulating evolution
3.      Evolution of crop-wild relative complexes
4.      Evolution of invasive plant species:
                Adaptation and life cycle
5       Evolution of invasive plant species:
                Apomixis: clonal vs sexual speciation

* Post-symposium excursion will visit a series of dune habitats along the
Dutch coast (4 days, Sunday 16 - Wednesday 19).

* One day field trips (Thursday 14) will give choice from several options.
Number of participants for each option will be limited to 50 persons.
1) Visit to aquatic and riparian plant communities (inland lake region in
province of Overijssel: lake Wieden).
2) Dune area with dry slopes and moist slacks (near Oostvoorne, S. of
Rotterdam, province of South Holland)
3) River valley system, including forelands, under ecological restoration
and revegetation ("Blauwe kamer" near Wageningen, province of Utrecht).
4) Visit to Centre for Plant Breeding & Reproduction Research (CPRO) at
Wageningen. Visit to Dutch Crop Genetic Ressources Center (GCN).

* Amsterdam (the most beautiful city in the world) hosts the "Hortus
Botanicus", the historical botanical garden (founded 1638) where Hugo de
Vries, one of famous founding fathers of plant biosystematics, grew and
studied his collections of Oenothera. The Hortus Botanicus and Faculty of
Biology will celebrate Hugo de Vries' 150th birthday anniversary in 1998,
a.o. with a reconstruction of a part of his experimental garden. A guided
visit to the Hortus Botanicus will be included as an evening option in the
symposium program.

REGISTRATION will be open to any person interested in plant biology,
biosystematics and plant evolution in a changing world.

FEES will range in the order of DFL 400-500 (c. US$ 230-300), depending on
IOPb membership status and time of payment. Details will be given in the
First Circular, available from early May 1997.

Anyone interested in receiving the First Circular, in attending the
Symposium or in learning more about it is
invited to send mail (snail or e-) to the secretary of the Organizing
committee, Dr. Hans den Nijs (address below).
Please indicate clearly your name and full address, and if you wish to
present a paper or poster.
Responses in this form in no way obligate you to attend the Symposium or to
make a presentation, but only ensure that you will receive the First
Circular, about May 1997.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of
contributed presentations, as well as the total number of attendants.

VIIth IOPB Symposium
Dr. Hans den Nijs
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The Netherlands
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Fax +31-20-525-7715
E-mail iopb98 at

        Albertine C. Ellis - Adam
        University of Amsterdam
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