Postdoctoral Position

Molly McMullen mmcm at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Thu Apr 3 09:26:00 CST 1997


                        POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
                          PLANT SYSTEMATICS

                       THE DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY

                           DUKE UNIVERSITY

        The Department of Botany of Duke University announces a
postdoctoral fellowship in plant systematics.  This position has been made
possible by an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant.  Applicants may apply to
do research with any plant group or across plant groups including algae,
fungi, lichens, bryophytes and vascular plants.  The award includes a
stipend and fringe benefits plus funds for research travel and supplies.
The Department of Botany is particularly interested in Fellows who will
enhance our systematics program through interactions with graduate students
and faculty in seminars, discussion groups and involvement in research.
Preference is given to U.S. citizens.  The fellowship will be awarded for
one year and would start September 1,  1997 and, with satisfactory
progress, may be renewed for a second year.  Awards for one year including
stipend and fringe benefits are $27,000.

        Applications must be received by April 30, 1997.  Applications
should include a curriculum vitae, a research proposal including
indications of any special strengths that the applicant will bring to the
program, and copies of publications.  Letters of recommendation should be
sent by two to three people who are familiar with the research of the

        Applications and letters of recommendation should be mailed
DURHAM, NC 27708-0338, or may be faxed to (919) 660-7293.

Participating faculty:

        Duke University                 Smithsonian Institution
        Durham, N.C.                    Washington, D.C.

        Lynn Bohs (Angiosperms)         Vicki A. Funk (Angiosperms)
        Chicita Culberson (Lichens)     John W. Kress (Angiosperms)
        Paul Manos (Angiosperms)        David L. Swofford (Phylogenetics)
        Richard B. Searles (Algae)      Warren Wagner (Angiosperms)
        Jonathan Shaw (Bryophytes)      Elizabeth A. Zimmer (Molecular
        Donald E. Stone (Angiosperms)                        Systematics)
        Rytas Vilgalys (Fungi)
        Richard A. White (Ferns)
        Robert L. Wilbur (Angiosperms)

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