Naturefile 1.4

Paul Selden Paul.Selden at MAN.AC.UK
Thu Apr 3 21:47:42 CST 1997

Dear All

NATUREFILE, the wildlife recording and collection management software for
the Macintosh, previously available only by mail order in the UK, is now
available for downloading at:

Further information about the program (which is free to download, shareware
fee of $50 if you find it useful), is at this URL, and below. The US
version has only a few state maps at present; the original UK version has
maps of all British Isles counties and can plot grid references. Additional
modules currently available are: US Arachnida, UK Arachnida, UK

NATUREFILE can be used for a range of wildlife groups or can be tailored
for your particular interest group, whether it be birds or bryophytes,
moths or mice, fish or fossils!

* Create your own database files of wildlife sightings, records and
collections. Add records individually or by day lists; automatic insertion
of locality and grid reference data

* Record locality, grid reference (any format), date, notes, etc.; re-size
and re-name fields for your own needs

* Store regularly used locality and grid reference data for automatic
insertion; Vice County names and numbers (British Isles version) or state
abbreviations (North America version) are already included in the program

* Included in the program is a range of common groups including: Birds,
Butterflies (British version includes Vice County distribution for all
species), Moths, Wild Flowers, Trees, Grasses, Ferns, Fungi, Spiders,
Odonata, Slugs and Snails, Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians. Add-on modules
contain full species lists, distribution maps, etc. for your specialist
group. Currently available modules: British Lepidoptera, British Arachnida,
American Arachnida

* Powerful search facility extracts data by keyword or phrase in any field,
combination of two fields, or all data. For example, search for all species
from a locality in a particular year

* Attach full color pictures for each species (or keep photographs of
localities, etc.)

* Drawing modules let you append additional notes and drawings to species cards

* Plot maps by Vice County or 10 km square on British Isles maps, or 1 km
square or tetrad on county maps of the British Isles, or by state or county
(North America version)

* Import data from files generated by word processors, databases, or other

* Export data in a variety of formats, e.g. for specialist mapping or other
recording schemes

* Export maps

* Export drawings

* Print data, e.g. locality lists, species checklists, notes, year lists -
the possibilities are endless!

* Print distribution maps, e.g. to include in reports

* Print drawings

* Print specimen labels

* Print labels for jars, box-files, cabinet drawers, etc.

* Built-in Help facility

* Extensive on-line manual and email assistance

NATUREFILE runs on Apple Macintosh and PowerMacintosh computers under
System 7.X. It runs in full color (4Mb RAM suggested), or in
black-and-white if required (1Mb RAM suggested). NATUREFILE runs in native
mode on PowerMacs.

Dr Paul A. Selden
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL
United Kingdom

Phone: 0161 275 3296 / 01625 582758
Fax: 0161 275 3947 / 01625 582758
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