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At 10:47 AM 04-10-97 -0500, Richard Jensen wrote:

>Dear taxacom colleagues,
>Does anyone know the proper scientific name of jicama.  I know it is in
>the genus Pachyrhizus (Leguminosae), but am not sure which of the two
>generally used tuberous species, P. erosus and P. tuberosus, is jicama.
>I have found one seed catalog that equates jicama with P. tuberosus; most
>other sources do not include jicama as a name for any Pachyrhizus
>species - yam bean or potato bean, but no jicama.

For what it's worth, Rosalind Creasy in "The Gardener's Handbook of Edible
Plants" (Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1986) lists jicama as P.
tuberosus, with the additional common name "Mexican potato".  No mention of
P. erosus.   Is this a matter of synonymy?

(What a minute, why do I keep trying to answer  legume questions?  Some ask
a lobelia question, please?)

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