Index collector and Stafleu

Søren Døygaard at Søren Døygaard at
Mon Apr 14 14:26:12 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacom readers.

Is it possible to search "Index collector" through the Internet ?? Could =
anybody give me the link ?? Is it also possible to get access to the lists =
that Stafleu made, where the collectors had been and when ??

Should you in any way be interested in future laboration please do not=20
hesitate to contact me.

I am associated with the Yam Bean Project.Yam Bean  is a underutilized and
neglected crop. The link is

Yours sincerely

S=F8ren D=F8ygaard

The address is:
Botanical Section
Department of Botany, Dendrology and Forest Genetics.
The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Rolighedsvej 21.
1958 Frederiksberg C.

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