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Ken Nystrom kennym97 at STUDENT.UMU.SE
Wed Apr 16 00:42:05 CDT 1997

I am seeking clarification of the proper taxonomic classification of
several items;
        (1)Where does Proconsul fit in?
        (2)Also, I need clarification on the standing of Dryopithecus,
Ouranopithecus and Sivapithecus.
        (3)What is the currently accepted division among the 'great apes'?
Are gorilla, pan and pongo considered to be within the family Pongidae,
while homo is in the Hominidae family, or is pongo the only member of
Pongidae, with gorilla and pan residing in the Hominidae family? I have
read recent contradicting material and seek resolution.
        (4)And lastly, are there any recognized subfamilies within the
family Hominidae?

        If there is one reference book that would allow me to answer my own
questions later on, I would also appreciate some names and titles.
                                Thank You,

                                        Ken Nystrom

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