Two independant requests...

Dr. Nigel Barker BARKER at RHOBOT.RU.AC.ZA
Tue Apr 22 16:08:52 CDT 1997

Hi All

I have two disparate and perhaps unusual requests for info
from Taxacomers. Please send replies to me personally.

Firstly, I would like to know what the optimum wavelength UV light is
required for visualising flavonoids on paper chromatograms... why?
Because we need to order a new lamp, and have a barrage of
specifications to wade through...

Secondly, I am asking on behalf of a student for contacts /
references / web sites / assistance on a project on micorrhiza
(VAM's and ecto's). She is working on dune pioneer plants and needs
some ideas as to how to detect these, collect, possibly cultutre
(for future innoculation) and determine the identity of these. part
of the project is to assess if the mycorrhizae provide a
"competitive advantage" to these plants, but I am not sure how this
is to be assessed. I am not a mycologist, so forgive me for my
elementary knowledge of mycology, but I will pas on any and all
replies to her.

Thanks in anticipation


Dr Nigel Barker
Dept. Botany                 Phone: 27 461 318598
Rhodes University            Fax: 27 461 25524
South Africa

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