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Thu Apr 24 09:48:44 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacomers:

Although this message is sort of "commercial" I hope that it will interest
many of you because of its taxonomic nature. At long last I am happy to
announce the publication of "Annotated Keys to the Genera of Nearctic
Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera). 1997. Gibson, G.A.P., J.T. Huber, and J.B.
Woolley (eds). National Research Council Research Press, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada. 794 pp."

Seventeen world chalcidologists collaborated in this project, resulting in
illustrated, annotated keys to the 706  genera of chalcidoid parasitic
wasps known from the Nearctic region. Included below is the abstract of
the book plus the table of contents.

This multiauthored publication presents illustrated keys to the 19 families
and 706 described genera of Chalcidoidea known to occur in the
Nearctic region. There are about 330 differences between the genera
keyed and those listed in the most recent (1979) North American catalog,
including about 200 additional genera. The book consists of 22 chapters
by 17 world experts, plus an appendix of about 130 generic names no
longer considered valid for the region, and separate indexes to
chalcidoid names, animal hosts, and plant hosts. The first three chapters
provide an introduction, review of chalcidoid structure, and an overview
of the superfamily, including a 40 couplet key to families. Each of the
remaining 19 chapters reviews one family and includes introductory
sections on its recognition, systematics and relationships, biology,
literature, an annotated key to the Nearctic genera, and for larger families
an index to genera based on couplet number. Over 1,800 line drawings
and scanning electron micrographs illustrate the keys. The annotations
include references to existing keys to species, estimated number of
species, and known distribution and host range in the region.

Contributors    iv
Acknowledgments v
Chapter 1. Introduction John T. Huber ...1
Chapter 2. Morphology and Terminology Gary A. P. Gibson ...16
Chapter 3. Superfamily Chalcidoidea E. Eric Grissell and Michael E.
Schauff ...45
Chapter 4. Agaonidae Zdenek Boucek ... 117
Chapter 5. Aphelinidae James B. Woolley ...134
Chapter 6. Chalcididae Zdenek Boucek and Jeffrey A. Halstead ...151
Chapter 7. Elasmidae Lonny D. Coote ...165
Chapter 8. Encyrtidae John S. Noyes, James B. Woolley, and Gregory
Zolnerowich ...170
Chapter 9. Eucharitidae John Heraty ...321
Chapter 10. Eulophidae Michael E. Schauff, John LaSalle, and Lonny D.
Coote ...327
Chapter 11. Eupelmidae Gary A. P. Gibson ...430
Chapter 12. Eurytomidae James A. DiGiulio ...477
Chapter 13. Leucospidae Zdenek Boucek ...496
Chapter 14. Mymaridae John T. Huber ...499
Chapter 15. Ormyridae Paul Hanson ...531
Chapter 16. Perilampidae D. Christopher Darling ...534
Chapter 17. Pteromalidae Zdenek Boucek and Steven L. Heydon ...541
Chapter 18. Signiphoridae James B. Woolley ...693
Chapter 19. Tanaostigmatidae John LaSalle ...700
Chapter 20. Tetracampidae Zdenek Boucek ...705
Chapter 21. Torymidae E. Eric Grissell ...709
Chapter 22. Trichogrammatidae John D. Pinto ...726
Appendix Fate of generic names excluded since Krombein et al. (1979)
Index to animal hosts ...760
Index to plant hosts and associates ...763
Index to scientific names of Chalcidoidea ...772

The book can be ordered from NRC for $64.95 (CAN) in Canada (plus
taxes of course) and $64.95 (US) from other countries. It can be ordered
by various means. You can write: "Monograph Orders, NRC Research
Press, M-55, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON K1A
0C6, Canada", or contact them via e-mail at "research.journals at",
or phone them at (613) 993-0151, or fax them at (613) 952-7656, or
order through their monographs home page at

Gary Gibson

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