ASC 1997 Annual Award for Service

Elaine Hoagland elaine at ASCOLL.ORG
Mon Apr 28 14:20:37 CDT 1997

April 26, 1997
Atlanta, Georgia

The Association of Systematics Collections (ASC) announced today the
recipient of its1997 Annual Award for Service.  George M. Davis, Pilsbry
Chair of Malacology at The Academy of Natural Sciences, was presented the
award at a joint luncheon of ASC and the Association of Science Museum
Directors during the ASC's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

The citation for the award read,

"The Association of Systematics Collections, in recognition of his
outstanding contribution to systematics collections, research, and
community, presents the1997 Award for Service to:

George Morgan Davis

... for his critical leadership of ASC and personal commitment to its
financial stability and its mission, as long-time board member and author
of the plan for ASC's financial survival and rebirth in Washington in the

... for his dedication to institution-building.  His knowledge of
organizational management and boards and his vision have benefited not only
ASC, but the American Type Culture Collection and the American
Malacological Union.  These abilities are nowhere in better evidence than
in the research institutions and collaborations he and colleagues are
building in China.

... for his strength and leadership across the systematics community,
including his bold and indeed courageous contribution to Systematics 2000
at a key moment.

... for his unique, multi-disciplinary and multi-tooled research into the
systematics and evolution of mollusks and snail-transmitted disease, a true

? and for his dedication to natural history collections and the
institutions that house them, exemplified by his many years of service to
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia."

The award is presented annually to a person or organization that has made a
major contribution to the mission of ASC, which is "to support and enhance
natural history collections, their human resources, and the institutions
that house them, for the benefit of science and society."

ASC is the not-for-profit association of North American institutions that
maintain systematics collections in trust for the public. ASC represents
the major natural history collections in North America.  Membership
includes 83 museums, botanical gardens, university collections, and state
and federal agencies, as well as 25 affiliate scientific societies that
specialize in the study of particular taxonomic groups.  [end]

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