ornithology collections persons

James Dean MNHVZ065 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Mon Aug 4 08:33:03 CDT 1997

Please excuse the cross posting. We are hoping to reach as many
ornithology collections persons as possible.

 This message is directed to those of you who are either bird collection
management or preparation personnel in a natural history museum.

 In 1988, a bird collection newsletter, The Formerly Living Bird, was
created. This newsletter came about because people interested in
ornithological collection management had been meeting informally at
A.O.U. meetings to discuss concerns and techniques associated with
management of their collections. The result of these meetings was the
creation of the newsletter geared toward the operations of bird
collections. Its purpose was to serve as a forum for discussing topics
ranging from pest control to packing of loans to preparation techniques.
Unfortunately, only two editions were published and limitedly

 Well seven years have past since the last issue, and I think it is
about time the newsletter gets another chance.

 The bird collections staff at the SI, has agreed to help me undertake
the "revival" of The Formerly Living Bird. The SI will be able to handle
the mailings, and we are even thinking of doing a web-site and/or
creating a electronic mailing list to distribute the newsletter. Also,
we are planning to share the duties, amongst our staff, of running the
newsletter so all the responsibilities will not fall on one person and
hopefully we'll be able to have more than one edition per year.

 In order to get started, I need to start developing a worldwide
directory of bird collection management and preparation personnel. I
would appreciate receiving the names, titles, institution, addresses
(including e-mail!), and phone numbers of such people involved with
ornithological collections. Please send the information to:

        Brian K. Schmidt
        Museum Specialist                      PH: (202) 357-2031
       Smithsonian Institution,
       Division of Birds                       FX: (202) 633-8084
       NHB E-607, MRC 116
       Washington DC 20560 e-mail: SCHMIDT.BRIAN at NMNH.SI.EDU

 Also, it needs to be addressed as to what medium(s) the newsletter
should be published. Here are some ideas and I would appreciate when you
send information for the directory you indicate your top preference(s):

      1) traditional (printed and mailed)
      2) electronic version mailed to your e-mail account
      3) WWW site
      4) a moderated/ un- moderated discussion group (like NHCOLL-L)
      5) other---PLEASE INDICATE

 Thank you in advance for responding and please pass this message on to
anyone you may know who is not subscribed to NHCOLL-L (or who doesn't
have e-mail) and who is associated with ornithological collections.


 P.S. If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas, feel free to send them
along, too. ----------------
       Brian K. Schmidt
       Museum Specialist                   PH: (202) 357-205
       Smithsonian Institution
       Division of Birds                   FX: (202) 633-8084
       NHB E-607, MRC 116
       Washington DC 20560            e-mail: SCHMIDT.BRIAN at NMNH.SI.EDU


James Dean                           202-357-2334
Division of Birds                    mnhvz065 at sivm.si.edu
National Museum of Natural History
Washington, DC  20560

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