bird skeleton

Zhang Dianxiang h9592048 at HKUSUA.HKU.HK
Tue Aug 5 17:31:26 CDT 1997

hello Everyone,
I have seen a very huge bird skeleton (the head about 15 x 15 x15
cm)which belongs to one of my friend. I showed someone working on bird the
photo and they kept the photo but never tell me the determination. Is
there anyone who have got idea on what it could be? It's from an South
China Sea island. If anyone is interested in it, pls contact Mr. Chen
Binhui. His address is: South China Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica,
Guangzhou 510650, P.R. China. (Fax: 86-20-87701031)

Dianxiang Zhang

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