Tenaris Query (Asclepiadaceae)

Ashley Nicholas ashley at PIXIE.UDW.AC.ZA
Thu Aug 21 18:25:00 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacomers

Myself and a colleague are trying to obtain information on the rootstock of
the following two asclepiadaceous species:
   1. Tenaris somalensis (Schltr.) N.E. Br. (Syn.: Lasiostelma somalense
   2. Tenaris subaphylla (K.Schum.) N.E. Br. (Syn.: Brachystelma subaphylla
K. Schum.)
We need to know if they have a stem tuber or fascicled fleshy roots or
possibly even another type of root system. As the plants concerned grow in
Ethiopia and Somalia possibly herbaria in or with connections or collections
from these two countries could help? We have tried a few leads ourselves,
but without success.
If anyone can help with this rather obscure request please contact me
directly at: ashley at pixie.udw.ac.za or through

Thank you & greeting from a sunny, blue skied Durban
Ashley Nicholas
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