Put Labels to biological objects preserved in alcohol

William L at
Fri Aug 22 08:52:14 CDT 1997


There are small "zebra" code labels available which some collections
have begun using as suplimentary pin labels.  There has been recent
discussion of these labels, either on this list of on ENTOMO-L.  I don't
think that these are intended for use in alcohol, though.  Another
problem would be that I don't think the existing readers would work
through curved glass on a label canted at odd angels and submerged in
liquid.  So that it would be necessary to affix the label to the outside
of the vial somehow, with all the potential problems that raises.  They
also struckk me as expensive, not so much in the cost per label, but in
the minimum order.


>Thomas wrote:
> Hello dear readers, thank you very muc for the suggestions so far.
> I'm in fact using MicrosoftAccess97 as well and do like the program
> very much.
> Unfortunately, I put my question in the wrong way, so it was slightly
> misunderstood.
> >
> > I wonder wether there are some electronic methods to "back up" the
> > written labels.
> > Electronic labelling may allow as well direct processing of the label
> > information with data administrating software systems.
> > -
> >
> I thought here in electronic methods which would avoid any printed
> stuff. Something like for example bar codes, magnetic codes, punch cards...
> I'm searching for
> solutions based on these ideas, in small size (in order to put them in small
> vials), compatible with simple Personal Computer Equipment and at a low
> price.
> Thanks for more suggestions,   Thomas

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