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University of Kent, Canterbury
26th September 1997

Handheld computers have been used for some time by a small
number of fieldworkers for data collection, although they are rarely
used for making data available in the field. That is set to change give
n the increased use and availability of handheld computers, Personal
Digital Assistants and other technical developments such as mobile
telephones and Global Positioning Systems. The aims of this
workshop are to review (from a fieldwork perspective and at a
non-technical level), the current technologies which are available, and
to illustrate their use in the field through a number of case studies
from several fieldwork disciplines.

The workshop will consist of a number of talks from people who are
actively working in the field of mobile computing, and demonstrations
from suppliers of mobile computers and Global Positioning Systems.

Latest information and abstracts can be found at web site:

There will be a charge of stlg20 per person, which will include coffee,
tea and lunch. Requests for further information and bookings
(cheques should be made payable to 'The University of
Kent') should be sent to Dr David Morse at: Computing Laboratory,
University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NF, UK. Phone: (01227)
827571. Fax: (01227) 762811. Email: D.R.Morse at

Preliminary Programme

9.30    Registration
10.00   Derek Morgan (Central Science Laboratories)
                The development of an intelligent 'Data Assistant': a wish
10.30   Ian Mitchell (Ormston Technologies Limited)
                Global Positioning Systems: The technology and its
11.00   Coffee
11.30   Peter Brown (University of Kent)
                Using 'stick-e' notes to record and retrieve data in the field
12.00   Dave Chesmore (University of Hull)
                Radio communications options for field-based computing
12.30   John Bovey (University of Kent)
                A general purpose, location aware retrieval system
13.00   Lunch and demonstrations
14.30   Jason Pascoe, David Morse & Nick Ryan (University of
                Using handheld technology to support student fieldwork
14.55   Graham Smith, D. Ian Heywood, Bruce Carlisle & Jamie
                (Manchester Metropolitan University and University of
        Feature mapping and data collection in the field: The role for
GPS and laptop computing
15.20   Janet Bagg (University of Kent)
                Mobile computing in the maquis: Locating historical sites in
difficult terrain
15.45   Tea
16.15   Katherine Rusk (University of York)
        The Use of GPS in Pasturage Assessment around Norse
sites in Qorlortup Valley, Greenland
16.40   Bill Parker (ADAS)
                Uses and abuses of GPS for field data collection
17.05   David Zeitlyn & Michael Fischer (University of Kent)
                Anthropological use of context aware field computing
17.30   Close
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