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I'm posting this job notice for a colleague.  Please don't contact me
concerning this matter, but contact the person designated on the
L. Urbatsch

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JOB LOCATION: Office in Baton Rouge - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and
Fisheries Head-Quarters; work is statewide


     Maintain the state's rare plant species list and oversee LNHP botany
database, Collect data from field work, personal contacts and contracted
secondary sources, interact extensively with conservation agencies,
organizations and private landowners on a wide variety of native plant
conservation projects.


     1)     B.S. in a biological science, marine science, environmental
science, wildlife or fisheries management, or forestry FOLLOWED BY 3 years
of professional experience in wildlife, fisheries or natural resources
research, management, or conservation.

     Substitutions:     1) Graduate training in qualifying fields may be
substituted for up to one year of experience on the basis of 30 semester
hrs for one yr. 2) Non-thesis Master's degree in qualifying field will
substitute for I year experience. 3) Thesis Master's degree in a qualifying
field will substitute for 2 years of experience. 4) A Ph.D. in qualifying
field will substitute for 2 years of experience.

     2)     Good working knowledge of Louisiana flora or flora of coastal
plain of southeastern U.S.

     3)     Ability to work effectively and diplomatically with a wide
variety of professional and non-professional people.

     4) Commitment   to conserving native plant  biodiversity.

SALARY RANGE. Starting; $2194/rno Ending: $3624/mo


     Gary Lester, Louisiana Natural Heritage Program Coordinator, Louisiana
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at 504/765-2821 or e-mail address,

     The position should be officially announced by the Louisiana
Department of Civil Service on September 2, 1997. Applications will be
accepted for 2 weeks thereafter.

Official job title is "Biologist Supervisor" with LA Department of Wildlife
and Fisheries

Lowell E. Urbatsch                    lurbats at

Department of Plant Biology           office: (504) 388-8555
502, Life Sciences Bldg.              fax:    (504) 388-8459
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, La 70803-1705

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