Some body help me?

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Wed Aug 13 08:46:47 CDT 1997

I Am Student of Biology at The National University of Colombia, and I am
beginning to develop my work of degree that  consists, mainly, of
establishing the relationships of kinship in a colony of squirrel monkeys
(Saimiri sciureus) maintained in captivity,for such effect I go to use the
fingerprint employing the wild type of M13 as probe, and perhaps some of
the Jeffrey's probes.

Within the bibliographical review that I am carrying out, I have found me
with some inconvenient in the certain articles obtainment, and that is the
reason for which direct me you:

Would be possible for some of you to obtain the following reference:

Ely, J.; Ferrell, R. E., Dna "fingerprints" and paternity ascertainment in
Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), ZOO BIOLOGY,  9: 91-98, 1990.

and of be thus would be able to do me to arrive some copy?

I thank of by anticipating the collaboration that they could lend me.

Diego Mauricio Ria=F1o Pach=F3n
Estudiante de Biologia
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
e-mail:  driano at
         dmrp at

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