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     An entomology oriented graduate research assistantship is available =

through the Plant Science Department at South Dakota State University,=20
Brookings, South Dakota.  This assistantship is offered at the M.S. =
however a doctoral program would be considered.  Degree programs =
with this assistantship include Plant Science or Biological Sciences =
(each with a diversity of subject areas, e.g., entomology, molecular =
biology, agronomy, etc.).  Possibilities exist with degrees in other =
subject areas, such as wildlife,=20
fisheries, range management, etc..     =20
     The departments of Plant Science and Biology/Microbiology provide=20
select, unique, and challenging graduate opportunities for research in a =

diversity of scientific and agricultural disciplines.  For current =
information on South Dakota State University and its programs, the City =
of Brookings, and the State of South Dakota, see the University WWW page =
and linkages at:
     Research anticipated for this assistantship will be done on a=20
multifaceted project involving the systematics and ecology of click =
(Coleoptera: Elateridae).  Interest is sought to conduct basic taxonomic =

studies on North American taxa, larval ecology, insect/plant community=20
relationships, autecology, biogeography, or similar topics.  Compatible =
alternative ideas from candidates will be considered.
     The person selected for this position will be expected to conduct =
and laboratory work, must have a basic curiosity about natural history =
in a=20
broad sense, be able to understand and work with modern scientific=20
paradigms, and be self-motivated and disciplined.  The student shall =
to work independently or under minimal supervision, be willing to =
extended periods in the field under primitive conditions, and be capable =
active cooperation and interaction with coworkers, the public, and=20
government and Native American tribal agencies.  Curatorial effort in =
Severin-McDaniel Insect Research Collection is required.  At least one=20
semester of teaching experience will be expected as part of on-campus=20
studies.  Interest and ability to independently pursue funding for =
related domestic and international research and travel opportunities is
desirable.  An ability to communicate effectively in English through =
and verbal media is required.   Computer skills, or development thereof, =

with word processing, database, spreadsheet, and Internet programs is=20
necessary.  The successful candidate student will possess an earned B.S. =
B.A. degree in entomology or other field of organismic biology.  =
Unconditional admission to the SDSU Graduate School is necessary.
     This basic assistantship is a standard SDSU graduate student (0.49 =
appointment, though the potential of additional time and support may =
 Research assistantship stipends begin at $9,818/year for M.S., =
for Ph.D. candidates.  Graduate assistants pay one-third of the graduate =

resident tuition per credit hour.  Applications will be accepted until =
position is filled.  Applicants should send: 1) a letter of interest =
adequately and professionally describes their background and career =
and an indication of specific research interests, as they relate to the=20
position and expectations, 2) a current r,sum, or curriculum vitae, 3)
GRE scores, 4) copies of transcripts of all post-secondary education, =
and 5)=20
names, addresses, telephone, e-mail, or alternative contact information =
3 professional persons familiar with the applicant.  A Graduate School=20
application and 3 letters-of-reference forms must also be submitted.
     Contact the Graduate School (Box 2201, South Dakota State =
Brookings, SD 57007), for admission information and all application and=20
reference forms.  All applications and inquiries should be sent to the=20
Graduate School with a reference for study with the faculty member =
below.  An original copy of the letter of interest should be sent =
sent to Dr. Johnson, as given below.  E-mail queries will be accepted =
information only and will not be received as formal letters of =
or application.
     For further information on SDSU and project related subjects check =
WWW page and linkages for the South Dakota Natural History Collections =
Biological Survey at:
     Assistantship and research opportunities provided by:

        Dr. Paul J. Johnson
            Insect Research Collection, Box 2207A,=20
        South Dakota State University,
        Brookings, SD 57007, USA
            Phone: 605-688-4438, FAX:  605-688-4602
            E-mail:  johnsonp at

South Dakota State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity =

Employer (Female/Male) and offers all benefits, services, educational =
employment opportunities with regard for age, race, color, religion, =
disability, national origin, or Vietnam Era veteran status.  Women and=20
minorities are encouraged to apply.  Proof of eligibility for employment =
required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

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