J. Europ. Cortinarius [English]

Jacques Melot melot at ITN.IS
Sun Aug 17 21:09:37 CDT 1997


The XVth JEC (European Cortinarius Congress) will take place in H=E4rn=F6=
(=C5ngermanland, Sweden), 25-30 Aug. 1997.

This congress focuses on the study of the genus Cortinarius
(Basidiomycetes). The aim of the meeting is to promote contact between
specialists of this genus. In addition to lectures and =B3tables rondes=B2
(nomenclature, data base management, etc.) there will be excursions to th=
surrounding area of H=E4rn=F6sand.

French is the main language of the Congress. Swedish (resp. Norwegian,
Danish), as well as English and German will also be used. For both lectur=
and organisational matters, simultaneous translations in French, Swedish,
English and German will be provided.

At this time, 202 participants have registered and we can still accept a
few more.

The congress fee is 900 SEK per person (500 SEK for those who wants to
participate for only one day). This fee covers all activities, including
lunch and dinner. (Lodging and breakfast are not included.)

Address of the JEC :
H=E4ckv=E4gen 13
S=AD871 51 H=E4rn=F6sand
Fax : +46 (0)611 227 22
hansm at com.itv.se

Jacques Melot (Reykjavik, Iceland),
Conference organiser (1997) and vice-president of the JEC.

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