labels on fluid specimens

Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Fri Aug 22 09:25:23 CDT 1997

Now I'm confused.  Is not a database also an electronic backup to labels?
Perhaps you could explain what you want to do with the "backup" that can't be
done with the database.  We don't put data tags on our fluid specimens, just a
printed tag with catalogue number.  The data are on paper and/or computer.

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> I wonder wether there are some electronic methods to "back up" the
> written labels.
> Electronic labelling may allow as well direct processing of the label
> information with data administrating software systems.
> -
I thought here in electronic methods which would avoid any printed
stuff. Something like for example bar codes, magnetic codes, punch cards...

I'm searching for
solutions based on these ideas, in small size (in order to put them in small
vials), compatible with simple Personal Computer Equipment and at a low

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