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Kathleen Pryer pryer at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Wed Aug 27 19:42:51 CDT 1997

Research Assistant in Ferns, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

The Department of Botany at the Field Museum of Natural History is seeking
a research assistant in phylogenetic studies of ferns. The candidate will
work as a research assistant on a National Science Foundation grant
entitled "Phylogeny, character evolution, and diversification of extant
ferns" for Dr. Kathleen M. Pryer. This is a 1.5-2 year term position for a
full-time research assistant to work 35 hrs/wk. The assistant will be
responsible for generating DNA sequence data for 4 genes (two chloroplast
and two nuclear) for 40 fern taxa using an automated ABI 377 sequencer. The
candidate should be proficient in DNA extraction methods (preferably with
green plants), PCR based techniques, DNA sequencing and cloning. Experience
with primer construction, editing and aligning DNA sequence data, and
phylogenetic analysis methods preferred. The assistant will be responsible
for stock and inventory related to the project, ordering supplies and
equipment, and keeping budget records. Duties will involve regular
correspondence with PI collaborators at UC-Berkeley and Utah State
University regarding availability of fern material and exchange of DNA
samples. A computerized inventory (EXCEL) of all fern tissues/DNA (and
their vouchers) that are available at FMNH will have to be developed and
maintained. Strong computer skills and familiarity with data resources on
WWW preferred. The assistant will be encouraged to participate in data
analysis and non-technical aspects of the project. Salary = low $20,000;
available mid-September 1997. Requires a B.Sc. in Biology/Biochemistry with
strong training in molecular biology; botanical knowledge preferred. Please
apply to address below:

Kathleen M. Pryer
Department of Botany
The Field Museum
Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605-2496
Phone: 312 922-9410, ext. 724; Fax: 312 427-2530; e-mail: pryer at

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