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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Thu Aug 28 16:00:06 CDT 1997

Thanks, Neal, for noting my typo - I should, of course, have written:
"Int...  Org... for Syst... and Evolutionary Biology"  John.
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>On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, John McNeill wrote:

>> At the final plenary session of ICSEB IV in Budapest, a new
>> organization, the International Organization for Systematics and
>> Evolution (IOSEB), was established, to facilitate the international
>> co-operation among systematists and evolutionists in all groups of
>> organisms, through, but not only through, the organization of
>> future ICSEB's.  The chair of IOSEB is Prof. Eors Szathmary,
>> Budapest.

>What's the "B" in IOSEB stand for now? -- Budapest?

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