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Barbara M. Thiers bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Tue Aug 12 13:35:31 CDT 1997

     Additional records of moss specimens from Alaska,
     Canada and Greenland have recently been added to the New York
     Botanical Garden North American Bryophyte Catalogue web site:

     The families added most recently are: Encalyptaceae, Splachnaceae,
     Disceliaceae, Schistostegaceae, Pottiaceae and Funariaceae.

     The total number of records now available for searching at the
     abovementioned site now stands at  27,319.  In addition to the
     families listed above, these records include:

     -- all anthocerote and hepatic taxa in the NYBG herbarium
        from Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

     -- moss families Sphagnaceae, Andreaeaceae, Andreaeobryaceae,
        Takakiaceae, Fissidentaceae, Ditrichaceae, Bruchiaceae,
        Bryoxiphiaceae, Dicranaceae, Leucobryaceae and Bryaceae from
        Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

     The NYBG North American Bryophyte Catalogue project is supported in
     part by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

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