[Fwd: Virus Alert (fwd)] -answer

Søren Døygaard at Mizzou1.Missouri.edu Søren Døygaard at Mizzou1.Missouri.edu
Fri Aug 15 14:38:40 CDT 1997

Dear collegues.

   NAME:Join the Crew

This is not a virus, but a version of the Good Times hoax. It was started by a message posted
to  some usenet newsgroups in February 1997. The original message was like this:

    Hey, just to let you guys know one of my friends recieved an email called
    "Join the Crew," and it erased her entire hard drive.  This is that new
    virus that is going around.  Just be careful of what mail you read.  Just
    trying to be helpful...

  Ignore these messages and do not pass them on.

  All viruses listed in the Virus description pages can be detected and removed with F-PROT
  Professional Antivirus software.
Look at F-prot's homepage for further information

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