Solicitation for "Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey"

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Sun Aug 24 19:12:22 CDT 1997

Solicitation of contributions for "Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey"

The Hawaii Biological Survey was established at Bishop Museum to provide
an efficient means to gather, synthesize, archive, and distribute
information on the biota of the Hawaiian Islands.  Many  continuing
discoveries of new distributional and taxonomic information on the
Hawaiian biota that are significant to a broad audience are documented
poorly, if at all.  In order to address this problem, Bishop Museum
devotes one issue of "Bishop Museum Occasional Papers" per year to "Records
of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 19xx". Editorial guidelines are
available at or the
address listed below.

Papers submitted for consideration for publication in the "Records" are
normally limited to short notes (i.e., papers not exceeding 2-3 printed
pages); preferably short paragraphs for each species treated.  Notes in
the "Records" should pertain to the following species-specific
information: new island records, new state records, new naturalized
records (for plants), new synonymies, notable rediscoveries, etc.  The
text must include justification of why the discovery is considered new.
New range extensions on any particular island will be included if the
information is important (e.g., rare or uncommon species previously known
from one or few localities).  We may reformat and combine isolated new
records for more effective presentation. Longer papers will be considered
for publication, but authors should consult the editors BEFORE submission.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is November 15, 1997.  All
manuscripts MUST conform to the editorial guidelines. Early submission,
especially for longer contributions, is encouraged. Submission on disk or
by electronic mail is encouraged for notes; and submission on disk is
required for longer papers. Proof will not necessarily be sent for short
papers.  We anticipate publication of the issue in February 1998.

Submissions may be directed to the Hawaii Biological Survey, Department of
Natural Sciences, Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
96817, USA; fax 808-847-8252, or to the following individuals:

Coordinating editors: Neal Evenhuis and Scott Miller
    (neale at and scottm at
Protozoa: Lucius Eldredge (eldredge at
Invertebrates other than terrestrial arthropods: Lucius Eldredge and
    Robert Cowie (rhcowie at
Insects and relatives: Gordon Nishida (gordo at
Vertebrates: Allen Allison (allison at

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