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Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Wed Aug 27 15:21:44 CDT 1997

The recent post by Tom Lammers about the ASPT meetings reminded me that I
met him in "protoplasm-space" for the first time at the Montr=E9al ASPT
meeting, and that I've met other Taxacomers at meetings, too. We discussed
then the desirability of having Taxacom gatherings at meetings, somthing
like a "Taxacom breakfast", so that we could meet the people behind the
messages. All it would take is a Taxacom contributor (lurkers count, too!)
to act as local liaison at a meeting, solicit from Taxacom who will be
attending, and make appropriate arrangements. To get the ball rolling, I
will be local organizer for the Southern California Academy of Sciences
meeting next May here at Cal Poly Pomona (hey, we have to start somewhere).
As meeting plans firm up, I will ask here how many of you will attend, and
I'll pick a venue, probably for a breakfast, appropriate to that number of
people (if it's only one, then I'll buy!).

I'd especially like someone in Saint Louis to volunteer to do this for the
International Botanical Congress in 1999.

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