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Biogeography & Conservation Lab
Systematics & Evolution Theme, NHM=20

The Biogeography & Conservation Lab's research programme is a specific
Natural History Museum (NHM) response to the Convention on Biological
Diversity and the lab is now an active partner in many national and
international biodiversity initiatives.  Its mission is to develop and apply
appropriate, explicit and accountable methods to tackle problems in
biogeography and in biodiversity assessment to meet conservation needs at
any spatial scale (it does not provide data). It works in collaboration with
the NHM Biodiversity Information Unit to create high quality biodiversity
information products and services, tailored to meet the needs of different
users, including natural resource managers, conservation planners and
biodiversity specialists.=20

If the Biogeography & Conservation Lab can support your work by providing
analytical tools or services for biodiversity conservation, please contact
us at the address below to discuss your needs. We would like to enter into
collaborative studies with anyone who:=20

     has large and representative data sets for many areas to explore;=20
     has analytical innovations to develop;=20
     has funds for potential development work and joint enterprises.=20

For further details please contact:=20

     Paul Williams worldmap at
     Dick Vane-Wright rivw at
     Chris Humphries cjh at
     Ian Kitching ijk at
     David Lees dcl at
     Miguel Ara=FAjo m.araujo at
     Kevin Gaston (associate) k.j.gaston at
Chris J. Humphries
Department of Botany,
The Natural History Museum,
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London SW7 5BD
Tel: 44 (0)171 938 9405 / 9168
Fax: 44 (0) 171 938 9260 / 9232
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