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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Thu Aug 28 15:13:58 CDT 1997

Judith E. Winston wrote:

>Curtis Clark's idea of Taxacom at meetings is great. I've
>really come to respect the views of some of the botanists on
>this list, but as a zoologist, I don't to go to the same
>meetings the botanists do. Are there any other regional or US meetings where
>bot anists and zoologists could meet -- Systematics Assoc. meetings
>are good, it's hard to finance those very often.

The International Congresses of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
were set up to bring systematists of all disciplines together.
Previous Congresses have been held in Boulder, Colorado (ca1974),
Vancouver, B.C. (1980), Brighton, Sussex (1985), College Park,
Maryland (1990?) and Budapest (1996).  ICSEB V is projected to be held
in 2002 at a location yet to be determined, but possibly in North

At the final plenary session of ICSEB IV in Budapest, a new
organization, the International Organization for Systematics and
Evolution (IOSEB), was established, to facilitate the international
co-operation among systematists and evolutionists in all groups of
organisms, through, but not only through, the organization of future
ICSEB's.  The chair of IOSEB is Prof. Eors Szathmary, Budapest.

I realise that 2002 is a long way off, but it seemed worth some
advanced advertising!

John McNeill
Treasurer, IOSEB

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