Taxaonomic database structure

James P. Bennett jpbennett at MACC.WISC.EDU
Fri Aug 29 11:02:50 CDT 1997

I would like to ask the readership how they deal with binomials and =
trinomials in their taxonomic databases. Up till now I have entered the =
entire binomial or trinomial in one field, with separate fields for =
family and genus. I do not have a field for just the species name or =
infraspecies name. I have been going through the literature on database =
structure but this particular point is rarely addressed. In some more =
advanced databases it appears that each taxonomic rank is made into a =
separate record with a field for what the rank is. I don't need this =
level of sophistication for my databases, so am looking for a middle =
ground structure. Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated.

Jim Bennett

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