translation of species names

Pavlina Hajkova P.Hajkova at STUD.DGK.RUU.NL
Mon Dec 1 19:43:45 CST 1997

Hallo all systematists!

I'm associated zoo veterinarian, and I would like to know, what is, in your
opinion, the best, quickest, most exact and simple way for translation of
the names of animals. I mean from english, german, french (al least) to
scientific, latin nomenclature. Till now I know about russian "Five-lingual
but hopefully it is not only one source. Maybe is also developed something
on the CD-ROM, or is database on the Internet Web ? ?

Thank you in advance for your proffesional an kind help.

Pavlina Hajkova, MVDr.
Prague ZOO

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