Seeking info on the genus Filipendula Mill. (Rosaceae)

Michael Fleming michaelfleming at BBG.ORG
Tue Dec 2 13:09:38 CST 1997

Hello all,

I am seeking all existing papers/revisions/monographs etc. on the genus
Filipendula so that I may engage in a taxonomic revision.  I have
located a few obscure papers, but this genus does not seem to be well

A botanist called I.A. Shantser (Shanzer?) has written extensively on
the subject, and wrote a taxonomic revision of Filipendula in 1994.
Unfortunately, I do not have ready access to those journals (Journal of
Japanese Botany, a couple of Russian journals).

If anyone knows Dr. Shantser's address (e- or snail), I would greatly
appreciate having it forwarded so I may contact him/her and see what the
next step should be.  Of course, if anyone else out there is studying
Filipendula, then we should talk...

Thank you in advance,

Michael Fleming
New York Metropolitan Flora Project
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
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Brooklyn, NY 11225
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