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One should not forget in this discussion that all our approaches to
the world around us are theory-ladden and subjective, very subjective.
To assert that homology is something real, is inadequate. Not=20
only is homology nothing real, but also the characters by which one comes t=
homology statements are not real.
All the above stated concepts are concepts which arose in the 19th century
when there was a growing awareness that animals and plants should be=20
understood within a natural system. However, the natural system is not
the only one.

Indigenous people may order animals and plants acording to other properties=
I know that they use honey, have pets, collect medical plants, do hunting=
and so on. (usefulness, beauty, danger and so on.)

Popular christian systematics often mirrors religious experiences into
animals and plants (Think of the insect Mantodea, which means prophet in
english or of this Maracujaplants (Passion-fruit, Passiflorae, where=20
allusion is made to the suffering of Jesus Christ)

Reality may be the light of a candle, the dream of last night, a love,
a piece of music, a poem, a picture, a sea, a beach, a voice, the song=20
of a bird or anything else.

I simply do not agree that the concept of reality makes sense the way it=20
was discussed so far.=20


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