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Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Wed Dec 10 17:53:43 CST 1997


I want to come in with a completely new thread. In one of the previous=20
messages there was an exotic area described, called Felsenstein-zone.=20
Very bad things are supposed to happen there.

Well, as I already outlined in one of my previous messages I'm just
a beginner who tries to understand it all.
So far, my autodidactic efforts resulted in the following observations:
1.) many people prefer HENNIG86 to PHYLIP.
2.) James Carpenter does not like Felsenstein-software at all and recommend=
    NONA, an argentinan program.
3.) A very intelligent, old systematist (Padre Moure) presented an oral=20
   comunication at the Ribeirao Preto-Bee Congress in 1996, saying that
   actually only the Felsenstein-package was able to correctly recognize
   the phylogenetic groupings he constructed artificially.
4.) Thiago, an intelligent student, told me, that this was purpose. Padre
   Moure already did know the weaknesses of the programs before and=20
   constructed with purpose taxons which could only be recognized by the
5.) Last not least: Felsenstein's program package is free, the others not.

OK, anyone want to comment on the Felsenstein-zone, so that I may get a mor=
real framework to deal with these questions.

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