Rankless suprageneric names (RSNs)

Lyn Craven craven at PI.CSIRO.AU
Tue Dec 16 09:42:58 CST 1997

A few weeks back there was a suggestion on Taxacom that RSNs be permitted,
and written into, the ICBN.  As there was no response, I gather that all
would seem to be in favour.

I'm somewhat neutral on the subject as, should it come in, there is no
compulsion to use the facility.  However, by creating the formal mechanism
to permit informal names to exist, one will have the situation that RSNs
inevitably will become formalised.  It undermines the original, and worthy,
purpose of allowing people to be informal.  Still, one can look forward to
the day when we will be mounting proposals to conserve, reject, amend the
orthography thereof, etc RSNs.
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