And Now a Word from our Sponsor: Positivism vs Realism Debate

Rod Seppelt rod_sep at ANTDIV.GOV.AU
Wed Dec 17 07:28:43 CST 1997

Dear Sponsor Jim!!!
I regret to advise that over the past few weeks Command D has received a
lot of use!!!
The philosophy of the discussion is a bit over my realm of comprehension.
I can understand why people have signed off.
The dilemma is that unless such discussions receive some air time, what is
the point of a discussion group.  Having said that, voluntary restraint on
the part of the perpetrators would be desirable, but when a topic of
particular personal interest gets up some steam or momentum, it may be
darned hard to "rub gravel on the head" as Richard Zander suggested.
I do think now, however, that before the list loses membership entirely, it
would be appropriate for the principal proponents to either call time out
or continue round 15 in private.
Rod Seppelt

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