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SUGAWARA Hideaki hsugawar at GENES.NIG.AC.JP
Fri Dec 19 09:32:14 CST 1997

Dear Thomas,

We introduced "Information-base for systematics" in the paper:
"Bioinformatics tools for the study of microbial diversity"
Journal of Industrial Microbiology (1996)17, 490-497.

The information-base provides an interactive and graphical
browser for comparing results of numerical taxonomy and
phylogenetic analysis.

An example is given there:
- the inconsistency between a dendrogram and a phylogenetic
  tree are easily recognized
- the inconsistency is solved when multivariate analysis,
  instead of cluter analysis, is applied to phenotypic data.

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At 0:40 PM 97.12.18, Thomas Schlemmermeyer wrote:
> Hello, now I am already quite deep in the topic of this list. And my=20
> questions tend to get more defined and computational.
> Are there any paper/references which deal with the problem of combining
> DNA-sequence data and morphological 0,1 characters in one matrix?
> (Considering the different transition and transversion probabilities?)
> All the best to every one,    Thomas
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