Job announcement, biodiversity information manager

Gary Rosenberg rosenberg at SAY.ACNATSCI.ORG
Wed Dec 31 10:25:08 CST 1997

The Biodiversity Group at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
seeks an information manager. The Academy's natural history collections
total more than 20 million specimens, about one quarter of which have been
computerized. About 700,000 collection records are currently maintained in
several database systems representing malacology, invertebrate paleontology,
and general invertebrates (Paradox/DOS), entomology (FileMaker
Pro/Macintosh), ornithology (FoxPro/DOS), ichthology and herpetology (MUSE),
and diatoms and frozen tissues (Access/Windows). We plan to integrate our
databases in a single cross-platform application.

Duties of the information manager will include:

Guiding our choice of software for integrating our databases;
Implementing normalized data structures in a PC/Macintosh LAN environment;
Merging databases (including sound and image files) across disciplines;
Designing and producing user interfaces;
Ensuring security and integrity of data;
Teaching curatorial staff to use database applications;
Managing Internet servers currently running LINUX;
Making collections data available via WWW;
Coordinating with GIS lab based in Academy's Environmental Group;
Coordinating with Biodiversity Group imaging center.


Minimum MS/BS in computer science or MS in biology or geology;
Experience in curation of natural history collections;
Knowledge of html and Internet database development, e.g., CGI scripting

Send cover letter, resume, and the names of three references to Dr. Gary
Rosenberg at the address below. Applications may be submitted electronically.

Deadline for applications:  January 26, 1997
Starting date: February/March 1998

Gary Rosenberg, Ph.D.                     rosenberg at
Malacology & Invertebrate Paleontology    gopher://
Academy of Natural Sciences     
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway            Phone 215-299-1033
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195 USA           Fax   215-299-1170

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