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I have been asked by a colleague to post this information about an upcoming

Naturalism, Evolution, and Intentionality
An Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philosophy of Mind.
17-19 April 1998
Department of Philosophy
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada.

This conference will feature papers by fourteen invited speakers (whose
names are listed below) and up to six blind-refereed graduate student
papers.  Further information, including abstracts of invited papers, a
provisional programme and details on the call for graduate student papers,
is now available at  This site
will be updated regularly.  Please feel free to put in a link to it from
your site.  Information is also available from Professor J.S. McIntosh
(whose address appears at the end of this message).  Please distribute this
message.  Apologies for cross-postings.
Invited Speakers
Colin Allen, Philosophy, Texas A&M University
Louise Antony, Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Charles Crawford, Psychology, Simon Fraser University
Paul Davies, Philosophy, College of William and Mary
Terrence W. Deacon, Biological Anthropology, Boston University
Melvyn Goodale, Psychology and Neuroscience, U. of Western Ontario
Philip P. Hanson, Philosophy, Simon Fraser University
Marc Hauser, Anthropology and Psychology, Harvard
Mohan Matthen, Philosophy, University of Alberta
Karen Neander, Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University
Alexander Rosenberg, Philosophy, University of Georgia
Eric Saidel, Philosophy, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lawrence Shapiro, Philosophy, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Kim Sterelny, Philosophy, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Professor J.S. McIntosh,
Department of Philosophy,
The University of Western Ontario,
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7

phone: (519) 661-2111, ext. 5375
fax: (519) 661-3922
e-mail: mcintosh at

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