More taxo-computational distractions

Ami Scheltema ascheltema at WHOI.EDU
Wed Dec 3 10:09:30 CST 1997

          Some thoughts on some seeming windows on the past:
           Cyanobacteria--yes, indeed
           Limulus, the horshoe crab with a long fossil record
           Neopilina, the pseudometameric monoplacophoran mollusk--the
               Triblidiacea have also a long fossil record
           Aren't there some insects?

           If we consider the start of life on this planet: All
          characters are apomorphic at some level.  All characters are
          plesiomorphic at some level.

          The two terms are useful only in reference to the choice
          of outgroup (sister group).

          Amelie Scheltema

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