Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 4 09:37:10 CST 1997

     The Journal of MetaBioSystematics is not a peer-reviewed journal,
but it is formally published and distributed to scientists that might be
interested in the subject matter.  Because I have to fund my research
out of my own pocket, distribution is limited (especially overseas).  My
work is controversial and editors of journals like Science and Nature
apparently feel uncomfortable publishing my work (especially when I
criticize someone as eminent as Carl Woese).  Unfortunately, I do not
see things changing anytime soon, but I will continue to voice my ideas
formally in the Journal of MetaBioSystematics (and informally in forums
like this one).
     HOWEVER, I am in the process of placing the text of all previous
articles on my Internet homepage (about half done).  All the relevant
papers that deal with recent threads on TAXACOM appear on this homepage
                                         Sincerely, Ken Kinman

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